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[G*] [INCOMPLETE/2,567words]

"No," Nico repeats. "I feel fine."

"Sure you do," Solace says. "That’s why you swooned into my arms right when you tried to stand up."

Mortal AU.

10/13: Updated with a second chapter.

10/19: Updated with chapter three.

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chris evans looks like his hugs are really warm and soft and safe and that’s all that matters

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Simon Harsent - Irene

"On August 28th 2011 Hurricane Irene made landfall over New York’s Coney Island with winds at 65 mph. It hit New York City at 9 a.m. ET bringing with it a storm surge that sent 3½ feet of water into New York Harbor. Although downgraded to a tropical storm, it still flooded low-lying areas and left millions of homes without power all along the Eastern Seaboard."

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One of the strongest taboos in Vulcan culture is making uninvited physical contact. Even husbands and wives often only touch each other with one or two fingers at most in day-to-day situations. Contact such as hand-holding, hugging or kissing is unknown in civilized Vulcan behavior.
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Chef Ramsay hired Horst from Ratatouille.

never forget

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Everyone wants to be Batman, but everyone should be Captain America.




I’ve been waiting for this gifset my whole life.

So I’m assuming at least 95% of tumblr is hearing this whole scene perfectly in their head, right?

the idea of people not hearing this in their head is inconceivable

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