Hi! I'm Arianna. I write a lot of fanfiction and cry about fictional people. If you like Gammafrost you should talk to me.

I track vulcantribble and smaugstribble.

My Jaeger co-pilot.

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Menstrual pads have been mentioned as early as the 10th century, in the Suda, where Hypatia, who lived in the 4th century AD, was said to have thrown one of her used menstrual rags at an admirer in an attempt to discourage him
—if you don’t think history is a truly inspiring subject you’re wrong (via fashiondisastercecil)

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Reblog if you’re over 10 and you still have stuffed animals on your bed or in your room.







I am married and have a child. My piggy pillow pet, Benedict Arnold, always sleeps with me.

Psssh… I still SLEEP with a stuffed doll. I got her when I was one and I named her Girl. I’m honestly surprised her arms and legs are still intact

Boyfriend dislikes maurice. But he is mine.

Elfie the Elephant , Octavius the Augustana Wolf, and Maggie the Magnificent (a cow) will always have a place on my bed.

29 and I have tons of stuffies I sleep with

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Tom taking selfies with fans

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Precious characters. 

I hope to do something similar with Korra

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Katie, don’t you die down here. I’ll never forgive myself if you do.

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